24 August – 7 September 2017


…this exhibition is now closed …

The other-space’s first exhibition features a body of sculptural work composed specifically for the other-space. In Oast House Composition II a strange and otherworldly environment is created through the placement of found objects sporadically through the space. Alignment, miss-alignment, shape, material and colour are layered onto a series of objects suggesting a narrative that runs counter to any one object’s specific function or use.

The installation’s title adds a further layer of possibility to the narrative. Oast’s themselves being a typical example of the Kent architectural vernacular, Plumptre and Raftery play on this reference with their selection of objects on show. Choosing to welcome the re-examination of the physical stuff of the surrounding Kent area, defining a language with which to reveal untold secrets and tales in found objects.


Tom Plumptre & Fearghus Raftery