reinforced concrete
280 x 280 x 280 cm


Full of contradictions and seemingly bizarre adjacencies, Britain’s only desert, Dungeness, is the home for the inaugural other-everywhere proposal in the series ‘Futures’. Witness Dungeness is an artwork conceived to stand as a witness to this landscape. It is a servant to the passage of the earth beneath it and the time that envelops it. In keeping with this concept the work is proposed to deteriorate naturally over it’s own life span, which as a result of its’ cast-in-place, reinforced concrete body, is envisioned at somewhere between fifty and one thousand years. In this act of decay, Witness Dungeness joins the atmosphere of palpable mortality that clings to the low-lying headland. It is an embodiment of the specific values and identity of its’ immediate context. A monument to the now.

Witness Dungeness is an artwork proposal, produced and commissioned by the other art network.